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2003-02-02 07:16:06 (UTC)

I'm recovered...

Well Anna's sending the email tomorrow in which she'll get
me back for ACCIDENTLY (she doesn't believe me) sending
Susan an email saying she is in love with her (which is
the truth. So yeah, SHE'll know tomorrow. I am going to
cry. This means so much and it's all screwed
Anyway, well Friday was nice cuz I've been sick and
haven't seen her all week, she was all good and cute and
lovely. Me and AM had a nice chat about how we're
obsessed and she knows so much how I how
I "want" her but not even physically it's just this...I
dunno. And I mean I was standing next to her and all of a
sudden I was overcome with this feeling of...tension or
something...there was something between us. I was against
the wall in the corner and she was like a foot away from
me and it was like a sudden awareness of each other.
Whatever it was, it was wonderful.