Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-02 06:56:19 (UTC)

kids, kids, kids

I'm starting to wonder about the parents next door.
Actually rephrase that. I'm still wondering about the
parents next door. Maybe lack of parents next door. But
every weekend now the kid comes over. And times during the
week looking for things that have come over the fence. And
today just after Mat left for the shops there was knocking
at the front door. And I knew it was the little boy and I
should have answered, but I have been answering it so much
of late that I really just wasn't in the mood. And not
today. With Mat going out to repair computers, I could
chill out today and read or whatever I wanted to do. But I
knew the kid wanted to play. He'd made a passing comment
last weekend that maybe we could play and I said we'd
prolly be a little too busy and be out. I don't really want
to get into the habit of baby sitting every weekend. I
mean if I was on "talking" terms with the parents it might
be ok. I grew up interacting with the neighbours and I
still interact with my parents new neighbours who have
kids. And I entertain them and it's not so bad. I guess
because at the end of the day they aren't knocking my door
down and there is a steady interaction already established.

But these nitwit parents beside us couldn't give us the
time of day. If I had kids and their toys kept ending up in
the neighbours yard or if I knew my kids were always over
there knocking down their front door I would at least go
over there myself with the kids to ask. It's usually what
you do first. Take the kid over with you and ask if it's ok
that little Ryan looks for his toy. The neighbour at the
back did it. You don't send kids over to people's houses if
you have no idea who they are or haven't sussed them out
for yourself. Maybe they don't know their kids are doing
it? Then obviously they aren't giving their kids much
attention or the time of day. And with the amount of time
the kids spend over here I have wondered if they do much
with their kids at all. And it's a sad thought if they
don't but little things point to them not really caring
what their kids do.

So today when Mat got back, the kid spoke to him and Mat
said we were both out for the day. And Mat said I had
broken the poor little guys heart, cause he said we'd meant
to play together this weekend, so maybe next weekend?? And
that I should stop getting the little guys hopes up and I
thought What the??? Where's Mat coming from here??? I
hadn't said a yes to us playing this weekend. Then he was
on about I should be telling them "No" I mean what can you
tell a kid that comes to your front door and politely asks
to look for his tennis ball that came over??? No, sorry you
can't do that. So suddenly I am giving him false hope that
I will then play games with him. So I asked Mat if he'd
said no to the kid hinting at maybe next weekend and he
was "No, that is your responsibility, not mine." Of late
Mat's been to the door as many times as me to say yes to
them finding things hit over the fence, but it's suddenly
become my responsibility, because I'd said we'd prolly be
too busy to play today, but I hadn't said a
definate "NO"..Wasn't any definate Yes there either. So
shove that up ya turnip Mat. Could talk a few issues of
responsibility to him too.

I mean I feel bad that I didn't play, but why should I?? It
isn't really Mat's or my responsibility to entertain the
kids. That's first and foremost with the parents. And I
guess if it gets worse I am going to have to go speak to
the parents. Not sure really what to say though. But it's
feeling like the privacy levels are being shifted, because
you never know if a kid is out there or what they are doing
in the backyard. Raking up grass??? I still have no idea
why they did that. And the fact that whilst nobody was home
and they had managed to rake a very large amount of grass
and leaves up without the parents either knowing or paying
attention is really getting beyond me. And then the other
issue of if one of them gets injured in our yard whilst
over here??? I bet the parents would stand up then and take
notice. But for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe one day I'll take the boy down to the footy oval for
a kick and hit ball and maybe I wont. But not without the
parents permission first. Just wish the parents would take
more notice of their kids. Prolly fat chance of that.