Steve L

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2003-02-02 06:36:43 (UTC)

thing are looking up

I have been thing again lol I have been doing alot of
that latly. Well I am feeling good for some reason I am
here at home today I did not go out I just did my routien
I do every day I am feeling better about my self I do not
know y. I just feel good maybe I just relized there was no
reason to feel bad. I had a good friend Lizzie well I do
not know what she will do, I am hoping she will give me one
last chance evern tho she has tryed two time before this I
do not wantlose her. she is a really good person. I have
been honest with her to my best ablity I have told her ever
thing that I have done and I am plain on doing. Well I will
talk to u all later