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Chaos in Our Every Day Lives
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2001-09-19 11:37:06 (UTC)

Boys and Other Confusing Things

Boys have always been a confusion to me...especially now
that I'm in my second year of college. I have been dating
this guy for a little over five months now, and I seriously
think he could be "THE ONE" that is, if there IS one and
only one for everyone. Anyways, a few weeks ago I met a new
friend and he is the first person in a long time who really
challenges me. With most people, I can look at them or
listen to what they're saying and know what they really
mean. I can't do that with him. When he looks at me, it
could mean so many things, it drives me nuts. So he and I
were hanging out a lot, and he knew I had a boyfriend, but
he still flirted with me...or at least I thought he's hard to really know with him. After awhile of
spending time together, I asked him one night what he wanted
from me. He said that he wanted a friend whom he could trust
and rely on and grow to love. I was thrilled because I
wanted that from him as well. I have a history of being
completely oblivious when guys have crushes on me, so I've
learned to be straight up with people. So then two days
after he said he wanted a friend, he tells me that he was
going to ask me out on a date but then he remembered that I
have a boyfriend. Just like that, a complete turn around!
Then last night, I passed him in the hall on my way to a
meeting and he held out his arms for a hug, so I hugged him.
He held me SO tightly, and held on for awhile. I told him to
come hang out with me in the lobby (of my dorm) later that
night cause I would be working on my prints for a class.
Later on he shows up with this he liked her but
she chose to be with someone else, and he still has it bad
for her. (Whether or not they know this or admit it is not
important cause I know it's true) So then we were all
hanging out and I went to wash my screen...I come back and
he's gone without even saying goodbye! Not that it makes
that big of a difference, but he just confuses the hell
outta me! I guess I need to just not care and concentrate on
what I do know, and that's the fact that my boyfriend and I
love each other. ARGH, the frustrations...well, class is
calling my name so I must leave...