Darling Heart

What i can't say
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2003-02-02 05:43:09 (UTC)

Ok, this is the third weekend..

Ok, this is the third weekend in a row that jeff has been
back, and i didn't see him. The first weekend, which was
my birthday, he said he was going to stop by. He didn't.
The second weekend he said he would definitely stop by
since he didn't make it the weekend before. He didn't.
This weekend, he lied to me and told me he wasn't going to
come back, but i found out he did. I am no longer happy
with him. I am pissed off behond belief. I am not in the
mood to talk to him right now.
The worst part is that the last few times i've seen him,
we've messed around. So this makes me feel that he doesn't
want to see me unless thats what we're doing. Perfect way
to make me feel.
He just explained that "one of these days i'll be home for
more than a day and get to see you". He asked if i was mad
at him, i said i was just upset that i didn't get to see
him. Now he's making excuses, and i know that he didn't
have time or whatever, but i'm still upset.
I have every reason to be upset. So why do i feel like
i'me being unreasonable?
And now i'm telling him not to worry about it. I should
just call him and yell at him so he'll know exactly how i