Nick's Journal
2003-02-02 05:33:46 (UTC)

Mrs. Witthoft

Mrs. Withofft,
More than likely you are expecting this to be my take-
home test. Trust me I tried, but due to extrenuating
circumstances my answers were.......engulfed in flames.
Now I started working on it on Friday, and continued on
Saturday, now on Saturday I smoked something called a
doobie, this doobie got me higher than a mother fucker.
So as I was sitting there, lit cigarette precariously
poised between my middle and pointer finger, really
getting into tom petty when the cigarett slipped. Now let
me just say right here and now, paper burns faster than a
mother fucker. Within seconds, all of my answers and half
of my room were lit up like Vietnam. Needless to say by
this time I had lost all touch with reality and thought
that the flames were guinea pigs that had come to dance
with me. By the time the police and fire department came
I looked like Jesse Jackson, just with less hair.
I stand before you battered and torn, and no answers to
the take-home test......and I'm still high as a bitch.
~ Nick

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