What it's like to be sucks..
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2001-09-19 09:12:00 (UTC)


I guess I'll just start out with a little bit about myself.

I'm 18 years old, and I'm a freshman in college, and I just
got drunk for the first time in my life.

I joke about how many times I've been, that's
not true. I joke about having HAD liquor before, and I
HAVE had it, I've just never been drunk. I've had like
sips of my dad's beer, and a glass of wine here and there,
but that's pretty much it. I guess I lie about alot of
things. I make up stuff just to be able to sound
interesting. I've actually had a fairly boring life.

I like school. People treat me like an intelligent
person. I like that. I'm probably the smartest person in
my group of friends here. That makes me so happy. I also
hang out with some pretty cool kids.

Jenn's my roommate. She's from Westchester, NY. She's
really nice and very cool, but I wish she wasn't my
roommate. She's just really exotic looking and beautiful
with a really great body. All the guys wanna be with her,
which I thought was cool at the beginning, b/c there were
guys in here all the time. But now I'm starting to tire of
them all competing for her attention, and kind of ignoring

Heather went to high school with Jenn. She's a real cool
girl. She wasn't friends with Jenn in school, but she is
now. She sympathized with me about the whole not wanting
my roommate thing. She seems just as insecure as me, which
is bad, but reassuring in a way b/c she's really pretty.
If somebody that pretty can be insecure, maybe I'm not so
ugly after all!

Clay lives across the hall. He's from Worcester, MA, which
by the way is pronounced WUSTER! He's sooooo cute and he's
got a great body, but I think he's into Jenn. She's got a
boyfriend at home, though. When we were drunk we walked
across the street with this kid Chris and went to Burger
King. Clay was drunk and high and his eyes were so
bloodshot. And he has the nerve to look at me and
say "You're RETAHDED!" in this really adorable Wuster
accent he's got. I was like "i'm retarded? you're

Chris lives in Sleeper Hall on West Campus (we're on East),
and he's from Long Island. Chris is funny. Like, REALLY
funny. I used to feel bad for him b/c his eyes twitch like
every 3 seconds. I still do, but I get the feeling it's
either due to, or made worse by all the drugs he does. He
was in our room smoking pot and drinking and doing
something called a "bubbler" which apparently is some sort
of drug...I'm such a suburban idiot...

Joe lives on West Campus too. He's from Cleveland. He's
really funny b/c he's got this deadpan delivery. He can
look you straight in the eye and lie to you. It's great.

Adam lives on our floor. He's Joe's friend. I think he's
gay, but Joe swears he's not.

George lives upstairs. Him and Joe and Adam are hilarious.

Okay, I gotta go. It's 5 am and Jenn's trying to sleep.


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