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2003-02-02 04:41:12 (UTC)

No Messages For Me....Sadness

I was at work this morning when the baker ran up to the
front to inform us about the shuttle. My heart skipped a
beat, and I immediately thought of Challenger, as I'm sure
the rest of the nation did. But what a way to go...doing
what you love, and then riding in on that high. An
explosion is perfect...quick, painless, through. I'd
rather have that happen to me than a long, drawn out

In other news, I got a new washing machine today. It's a
front loader. There are six million options, and you have
to have a special detergent and then decide on filtered or
unfiltered water, etc. Very strange, yes. But glad to have
a washer back.

Managed to talk my parents into buying me new clothes, so
that's good. I didn't have to spend any money. Very
lovely, if I do say so myself (and I always do).

I went out Friday night and got totally wasted. It was
very fun until I had to get up at 6am this morning to go
to work. That was not fun at all.

Okay, well, nobody is leaving me any notes, so I don't
know if this will get read. But it's a crappy entry today,
so it's not a huge loss.

Squoze like toothpaste,


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