Steve L

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2003-02-02 04:37:06 (UTC)

My life is back to normal

hey sup ppl. I have been going thought som chenges
witch should not have happen in the first placc. I am back
to normal witch is always good. I was confosed on who I was
for a short time but alls I need was alittle more time to
think. Funny thing is I am feeling great. I had a friend
witch I went out with then tryed being friends again witch
was hard on me but now that I look back I do not know y I
said some shit I did. Lizze I hope we can stay friends.
Lizzie if u are reading this, this is the reason y I have
change back. u know my friend jason, well we where talking
and he told me it just does not work out after two ppl go
out and try to be friend. well I think that is right to a
certain point I just took alittle longer then I thought.
well u know that I will love u no matter what. even if u do
not think the same about me. u will away be in my heart
even if I do not show it. well I hope u can forgive me for
the stuff I have said and the stuff I may have done to hurt
u. well till next me ppl I will talk to u all later. Also
lizzie I will understand if u do not want to be friends but
I will be there for u kk later

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