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2003-02-02 03:24:26 (UTC)

word to the wise

If you truely want to be a good friend to someone i am
here to give you a lil bit of a tip....#1) If one of your
friends (whom you consider to be a good friend and you want
to be kind and loving towards) you should not proceed to
talk about a VERY touchy subject, especially when that dear
good friend has asked you to please change the subject or
at least stop taling about the current one. #2) If you want
to be a good friend, do not cut an already deep wound even
deeper by rubbing things in thier face or by simply
bringing up a subject that you know this person cannot talk
about wittout having a complete breakdown. Oh and if you do not know
when i good time to drop the subject that you shouldn't have brought
up in the first place is...well a good time to stop would be when
that person is : a) quivering with fear, sadness, and depression b)
crying 3)asking you to stop as previoulsy stated.
Here is the big one...
If you really want to be a good friend
deffinately do not talk badly about a person that your
friend cares very much for, AND do not ever talk in anyway
that would make this friend be reminded that the person
that they care for has a very high probablity of going to
Hell and there is ablsouletly nothing that they can do anymore to
help this person. thank you very much for your time i hope that you
take my words of advice for healthy friendships. i hope you
have a great day ...or atleast one that has been better
than my current one.