I was hiding under there....
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2003-02-02 02:49:30 (UTC)

"You're Schtupid!"

Yes, the sad fact is, my sister said that to me, oh, about
10 minutes ago.

Well today was a weird day...

I had a basketball game, but as I told you before, I
severely injured my toe so I'm sure when I was running down
the court at about 2 mph people were thinking, what a
retard. The other team had very bad sportsmanship too. One
of them kept trying to hold my hand. Eek! (that wasn't
supposed to be my example of bad sportsmanship but i JUST
remembered it, so I had to add it before I forgot, if that
made any sense at all.)

By the way...I noticed that my last post (or was it my last
two posts? whatever) were marked February 1st when in fact
they were still January 31st. This may have changed but I

-What is this? A building for ants? It has to be at least three times bigger than this!!!

ahahaha gotta love that movie! (Zoolander, for those of you
who don't know (Maria, Michelle, and Mom)

Speaking of movies...I watched Pretty In Pink today. It was
the first time I had seen it. Well, at the same time I was
watching it, my uncle was over trying to help my dad
refurnish the bathroom. So he came downstairs to check some
pipe and he kept stopping and watching the movie. Then he
would ask me "Who's that?" I told him "I'm not quite sure,
it's the first time I've seen this" So then, 10 minutes
later he would come down again and ask who someone is! I'd
be like I DON'T KNOW! (not really cuz that would be mean
and he's my uncle so I can't be mean). Just thought you
might enjoy a pointless story.

Yes, I still have not found a song to do for the talent
show. I have one that I can sing that is under 3 minutes
but it's really slow and for some reason when I have to
sing slow songs in front of people I freeze, so I would
like to find a different song, but it looks like I'll be
stuck with that one. And, I hate the sound of my voice but
people always tell me I sound good. I like to sing so I
know that's good that people think I'm good, but my
personal opinion is that I suck. Whatever.

Going bak to the whole basketball thing. Somehow, I always
get stuck on a team of beginners. Don't get my wrong, I
KNOW I'm not the best but I am better than a lot of the
people on my team so it's never competitive for me.

Whatever seems to be my word for today.

My sister and I both have glasses. She broke hers so she
was wearing mine (we have close to the same prescription)
and she broke those too. We got them fixed today.

Wow, that was REALLY pointless. If I was talking to myself,
this is how the conversation would go.

-My sister and I both have glasses. She broke hers so she
was wearing mine (we have close to the same prescription)
and she broke those too. We got them fixed today.
-That's wonderful. Was I supposed to care?

Haha, I'm so mean to myself!

Ok, being the dork that I am, I am going to go do my
homework so I don't have to worry about anything tomorrow.
Well, technically, I will have to worry about something
because I got out early in Algebra the other day so I don't
have all the notes I need and I have that class monday so I
need to write myself a note to remeber to get them from
Lauren BEFORE algebra.

Ok, like a dirty shirt, I'm off.
(haha saw that in Pretty in Pink today)


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