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2001-09-19 02:44:08 (UTC)

Pratical people don't know theory - when I discovered my enemies

Theoretical people can think about without have seen.
I have lost contact with my friends because of enemies.
They used to use jokes that are not theories. But
experiences that they lived. Pratical people don't know
theory. Everything they said is what they experienced or
wanted. They may did jokes when was trying to create false
Last time when I lost my friends I recovered them being
truly and ask what was wrong. This time I guess I need to
do more. Because what pratical people said is what they
intended to be what happened. There is no theory is waste
land only reality or just lies with face of gross paper.
The way to win over that kind of enemies is facing the
true reality against the lies they built.
What they said is what they experienced or what they are
willing. That true may be sufficient to void the rumors.
But the real truth is that if I told every bad thing the
enemies told about my friends would enforce our friendship.
But in that date I didn't know that jokes was to believe
that was a reality to them. If I knew that I just told
them to void future missings. Next time may I ask for
degree before start to hear any nonsense things.
Less studies people are pratical and there isn't
place to theoretical talking. Talking between two ignorant
people usually becomes a fight because what they did
is like what they believe is did. No place to theory.
I will recover my friends and will have things to my diary
once again.