molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
2003-02-02 02:26:21 (UTC)


Well, i'm bored and sick and have nothing better to do
because i have no friends. So back by popular
online journal.
(applaude now)
Last night jodie and i went to piezanos (so has now become
the routine every friday night)to see Jepetto.The last time
i saw them was a year ago with Janice, they were pretty
nice guys, alright sound, but didn't draw much of a crowd.
Half our damn school was there to see them which made the
whole night awful. We left before Jepetto even
was exhausting trying to dodge all the idiots we seem to
attract. Some people are alright, don't get me wrong, but
if one more 14 year old boy hits on me, i'm getting a sex
Today i just stayed home and read some books off random
college reading lists. Cyndi Lauper is playing the 9:30
club sometime in mid-february..i think that's great.
Tomorrow i will obtain tickets.