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2003-02-02 01:51:31 (UTC)


BEING SICK SUCKS!!!!! I have been sick since Wednesday
night, and here it is sat night and I still feel like
shit. For those of you who don't know, it's bad around
here. There is a news article in the newspaper... It is
now considered an epidemic around here, thousands of people
are sick. In my school, last Thursday there was almost 400
people absent from having this serious flu. From my county
alone, there were 1,300 absent from school. Other counties
around us are closing their schools for a few days because
it is so bad. ~Daily news. So it defanatly sucks. I
haven't even gotten on here since Wednesday night because
sitting up and looking at a bright screen is excruciating
pain. Not just the bright light, but sitting up made me
incredibly dizzy.

So I got this funny story for ya... Thursday, the
first day of my illness, I needed to get my hair cut,
because my boss has been up my ass for a month to get it
cut. So I went in there, all fucked up could barley walk
and what not, and she starts cutting my hair. She kept
asking me all these questions about my hair and I couldn't
comprehend that much, and she kept asking, and I said...
just trim it up a lil bit. In the middle of her cutting
my hair, I start to look pale and my skin feels tingly.
All I started to see was black with white "stars" (so to
say) going everywhere. Then I passed out, while she was
cutting my hair. I woke up, and ran to the bathroom, and
it hit me hard. I hadn't ever felt that bad in my life,
well maybe, but I doubt it. So I come back, and have her
finish my hair cut and get the hell back home.

I don't sleep the rest of Thursday night, at all, and
then Friday, I decide that I can fight it, because I needed
to head up to my work to get my paycheck. So I get in the
shower, and when I’m almost done, I start feeling that way
again, so I hop out and lay on the rugs. I didn't have any
clue what was going on, I was dazed. Then I woke up and
started getting sick again, luckily I was right next to the
toilet. So that was a lot of fun. Then I didn't sleep all
last night, and couldn't find the Tylenol PM ANYWHERE,
which pissed me off.

Man, did u know, on a Friday night, about 3:30 - 4:00,
no one is online and there is nothing on TV? Go figure.
But once I got to sleep, it seemed like 10 minutes later I
was woken up and I had to get up and get ready for WORK.
Now how shitty is that when you have the flu and they still
make you come in. But I figure, they wana see how it
feels, I sneezed on my general manager's door knob to hoi
office, which may seem gross, but this guy is the biggest
faggot fuck, and he is such a pain in the ass, he deserves
it, and I'm gonna call his ass 24681771314464 times from
work when he's home, asleep, cause he's sick. And another
thing, which isn’t too bad, is that I work at a hotel... so
I mean I have 200 beds around me, so I can just go sleep in
one of those. Plus, I’m on the computer, writing this, so
it's not toooo bad... although I feel like shit.

Well there's not much more to say about being sick...
but I had been tiring to gain weight and lift a lot, but I
lost it all in the last few days, 6 pounds.. It sucks.

The other day I wrote about friends. I think I came
across to my friends that they weren't good enough or
whatever, but that was not what I meant whatsoever. I
meant that it was just easier back in the day, mostly
because of my mom, and she's just a bitch now. But thins
were easier, and I didn't have to worry that much about
things. But I have to admit; I have had a hell of a lot of
good times in the last year. Except for them fat bitches...
that sucked... (Inside joke) But I’m out; I’m going to try
to head home soon. Peace.
Tip of the day: If everything seems to be going well, you
have obviously over looked something.
Song of the day: Crash - Dave Mathews