College and Frogs
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2001-09-19 04:42:53 (UTC)

I can't tell

Wow today was....well it was.......ummmm shall we say
different??.....I guess. This morning I had to go and
return the movie I had rented to Blockbuster, Chocolat the
best movie ever made (aside from Indiana Jones and An
Affair To Remember), I forgot it was due by noon and I have
a class that goes from 10:50 to noon. So at 8 am I got in
my little car and drove over to Blockbuster that wasn't
even open yet and dropped it in the drop box. I would have
done it last night, but I remembered it at 1 am and I hate
to break curfew so I didn't go.

Just to set the record straight, you read right we do have
curfew here on campus. Weekday curfew is midnight and
weekend curfew is 1 am. I go to a SMALL Southern Baptist
college, so there are a few things we can't do that others
school do. Staying out until the wee hours of the morning
it one of them. There are some who can break curfew
without getting into trouble, and I am one of them, but it
is a choice I have made to abide by the rules of the
campus. And curfew is one of them. Actually I'm supose to
only have two late nights a week, but since I live in
honors housing I don't have to pay any attention to it. My
key fits the front door so I can come and go as I please.
We have other rules to that people thing is weird like no
guys in the building except on certain days and times.
three days a week and that's it. In my dorm we're not even
suppose to have guys in the lobby at anytime. We do have
open dorm times but that's it. Not that anyone of the
opposite gender ever visits me.

so anyway back to my day. My Ed Psych class was the only
class I had today. Our professor is out of town and has
been for a week and a half, but it's because her dad is
deathly ill so the Academic dean taught our class today.
Let me just say that I am glad he's not my advisor or
professor. We talked about thinking, that's it the
thinking process and how we o thro it. FUN FUN FUN.
What a blast, right?? You've got to be kidding.

I had to work this afternoon, and was bored out of my mind
the whole time. None of the cute guys came by the shack so
I had to sit and watch people wander by as they always do.
This evening was bad tho some of the HOT guys we're hanging
out in the student canter for a birthday party, and the
people having the party were cool and offered us some ice
cream cake from Dairy Queen. I haven't had Ice cream cake
in forever....it was GOOD. So work was boring as usual.

After work I came back here and talked t my cousin again
for a couple more hours this time we actually had a semi
conversation. I can't wait 'til he comes home tho. I miss
him so much. He told me a secret that I want to tell some
one sooooooooooo bad, but I promised I wouldn't. I can't
even put it in here because someone may read it. Even tho
none of you who may actually be reading my dairy know him
from Adam I still can't tell. Do you understand how much
this is killing me not to be able to tell? It's such good
news, and I want to tell someone soooooooo bad. I wrote it
in my private dairy that I keep fo rjust such and occasion
tho s I did tell my self and I told him because he knew I
was going to explode if I didn't.

Well I best be getting off because I have to be a See You
At The Pole at 7am. I'm never up that early, they must be
insame. So anyway, TTYL.
I Timothy 2:5

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