bitch-it's a compliment
2001-09-19 04:40:48 (UTC)


why is it that no matter who a guy is talking to he always
manages to look at the breasts of a woman? I mean girls
don't go around looking at guys' penis's. Thats gross.
Naked guys are scared. Maybe cause I'm so used to seeing
myself naked that I don't think the female body is nasty
(only if they don't keep up in their hygiene). Then thats
gross. Anyways back to the subject of boobs. I don't
think that guys are seriuosly looking at them because of
the shape or anything. I honestly think that it's unfair
the female species is being judged by our breasts. Big,
small, round, square(?), tender, hard, whatever the case
may be that they look at our beautiful life giving breasts
it SUCKS ASS! I'm not saying guys are bad or anything
because they're not. It's just one bad quality that guys
are stuck with. And like they try say they don't-they all
look no matter who it is. Thats like saying "i don't
masterbate!'' Face it hunny everybody does your just
ashamed to talk about it. So don't ponder the
thought of why guys have to stare at boobs instead of your
eyes, don't sweat it I know how you feel.