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2003-02-02 01:28:38 (UTC)

fast food and amorous cats

cats coughing all night long or rolling in heat and
screaming for mercy from the male cat who's fixed but
pretends to do it to her - this is what keeps me up at
night lately. That and worrying about things.

I have a portable clothes washer in the kitchen and 48 hours
of "freedom" before starting it all over again. I stopped
making the bed and I buy prepared food now. All done
trying to be superwoman. It takes the pressure off but it
leaves more time for the stuff I really don't want to do.

I remember when cooking was an art form to me. It defined
me. I was both sad and special then. Now I go to the
office and I get a coffee at the drive through and things
taste better to me when they are from places that serve you
through your car window. I still do the dishes by hand
though. That's something. The CFO at the office couldn't
believe I didn't have a dishwasher. He looked at me as if
I had just admitted to using an outhouse. they eat fast
food, but only when he's doing his wife a favor and
bringing something home. And it's never McDonalds. It's
probably chinese, at least. Maybe it's gourmet pizza. Or

I hate him. and his little wife too.