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2001-09-19 04:28:49 (UTC)

friends and the war thing

well we win some we lose some. i have learnd this. i just
moved to colorado. denver that is. i am going to the denver
school of the arts. well anyways i met this girl. she has
basicly perfect and she likes me but i just found out that
she is leaving to go to another school. well anyways i just
dont know what to think. i know mans nature is to survive
but i am woundering if i can survive. she wa begining to
mean everything to me as a friend. and she was easy to talk
to and fun to be around. she never had a complaint and
always wanted to do stuff that i liked to do. but upon
meeting this new found friend i also have a price to pay.
if she leaves that i think will be the price. im thinking
that maybe it is a weird price but ill have to go through
it. if she leaves ill be torn apart. and if she stays well
i dont know what the price will be. maybe the girl of my
dreams is trying to get after me and cant because everytime
she might try i am blinded by little miss lafarge. that is
what i will call her. that world may never know but i dont
think it is a worldly problem. you might be woundering why
i am not talking about the crises. well it might be that
everybody else is talking about it for me and i dont have
to. im sorry to say it but america is at a very weak point
right now. all the press care about is the prise movies
cost to make and this whole WAR thing that i dont think
will event really be big. you all know that the whole
prophicy thing cant always be right. the guy nostradomas
(bad spelling sorry) well he didnt predict the "when Two
huge metal birds fly into the two towers of steel war will
fall upon us in the eleventh day of the ninth month" NO he
didnt and i think that that might have been that talk of
the town if he did. i dont think we as americans really
have to worry aboutthis whole war think and invaisian. some
of the older folks might remember back in the day when
everybody knew that the russians were going to invade and
later on everybody knew that america was out of WW2. well i
dont try to predict things only cause they might come true.
but i dont think that there is any chance of america and
whatever the hell that other country is going to start the
third great war. it will take alot more then ttht.

lets touch on another topic of my choice. well you see here
bush said that we are going to wage war on terrorism
everywhere in the world. well that means waging war on
ourselves. yea. we as americans know that there are other
americans that terrorise each other. with robery and theft.
and even the school yard bully. is the united states marine
corps going to go on a third grade playground and just wage
war on a little bully. i think not. and that is the faulty
logic about going to war on terrorism everywhere. thank you
and have a good night :x

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