Talking to Myself
2001-09-19 04:27:03 (UTC)

I am

I am tired. Damn tired. Too much driving. How can I
complain about the trip that was suppose to start and end
in a plane flight but turned into a 48 hour driving
marathon. I at least had the choice to change plans.

Many are turning to God for answers, for guidance, for
assurance that life is good and worth living. I am looking
inside for solace... for answers. I am finding solace, but
answers are still hard to come by. But I am beginning to
think that I am not suppose to find answers. I can't
imagine the terror... I don't belive that I am capable of
such. I just ask that we proceed slowly. Don't let our
act of retaliation overshadow the horror that occured last

I need the simplicity of life. We all need the
simplicity. That is my wish. I want to radiate that type
of energy. I want to be simple, simple beliefs, simple
dreams. I must remember that I Am, and that is enough.