Lil* Black Backpack
2001-09-19 04:15:04 (UTC)

sweet september....

Hello....!!! well not a whole lot has happened since I last
wrote, but I guess i have just been feeling a lil down. I
mean ever since me and J'son broke up it seemes like no
guys like me. I dont know whats wrong with me. i dont know
what to do, i want to get to know someone just so that
there might be a possibility that i will get over J'son and
have a bf soon. But i think i will get one. Right now I
need to take care of myself. I have my whole life ahead of
right now. I guess i will just take my time. I can do
everything myself. well I gotta go and if there are ne hott
guys my e-mail is [email protected] so send a pic or
something -k-!!!

-luv shelley