2001-09-19 04:13:11 (UTC)

i am the trees. and you are the..

i am the trees.
and you are the breeze.
i am feeling so powerless.
and you always have the upperhand.
pray for me.
fix everything.
and then
the leaves are turning.
my mind is burning.
i am never alone.
but i am so lonely.
hollowed out for you.
to fit.
here let me be your blanket.
let me be your host.
memories of alright times.
memories tend to decieve nowadays.
nothing happened that way.
it was all fabricated.
so i would be okay.
lies and cries.
of a little girl.
scars on arms.
of love
and pain
and i am still here
whatever remains.
so take what you can.
and get out before the shit
hits the fan
and i will remember you one day.
i will remember today.
with a smile and a light laugh.
because that way
its okay.
that way i can understand.