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2003-02-01 22:37:49 (UTC)

I Took a Little Tumble...

We went on another ski trip last Thursday for ski club.
It was really fun. Andrea Chong, Yasmin, and I finally went
to the top of the mountain.We met up with Rachael, Lil
Megan, and their friend Elizabeth and we decided to hang
out with them. So we went down a path that we had been on,
but then Rachael and Lil Megan cut across this little path
I had never ever seen before. So naturally we all followed.
So I started going too fast and getting a little out of
control. One ski hit a patch of deep snow, and one ski hit
ice, and down I went. I tumbled a good 20 feet and hit my
head really hard on teh ground, I lost all my stuff, my
hat, both poles, and both skis. This really nice guy
collected it all and was helping me get back into my skis.
My head hurt so bad. I skiied the rest of the way down the
mountain and we had to go up the lift again and ski back
down because the lift was isolated. We were standing in
line for the lift and the only thing I remember is this
like 8th grader maybe sliding up next to me and saying "hey
baby". And I remeber rambling and saying "I think I have a
concussion" over and over again. Yasmin and Andrea just
kept laughing. But they didn't know how to handle it. My
head hurt like a bitch. but I kept skiing, it never occured
to me to go and get my head checked out in the lodge. Duh.
On th eway home, Andrea and Yasmin didn't let me fall
asleep because the started to understand that I MIGHT have
a concussion, and didn't want me to die. lol. I went home
and told my parents that I didn't remember anything and my
head hurt like a bitch. So I went to bed and my parents
woke me up every hour and asked me stupid questions
like "who broke his collarbone?", I only rememeber my mom
wakig me up once. I went to school the next day and I STILL
had a headache. About 20 mintues into first mod I got a
pass telling me to go to the health room. So I go the nurse
and she tells me that I have a doctor appointment. Then she
starts asking me all these questions and filling out
an "accident report". My mom came and picked me up and took
me to the doctor. My doctor was suspicious that I had a
concussion and ordered me to have a CAT scan immediatly. We
go to the hospital get the CAT scan (which aren't so bad)
and wait for the results. So, turns out I have a minor
concussion and I have to be "monitored" for the next like
three days. I wasn't cleared to play in the field hockey
play off game this morning. That REALLY sucked ecspecially
since we ONLY had six players and there weren't any subs.
So my first concussion, a milestone in my life.


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