listen to my silences
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2003-02-01 22:23:57 (UTC)

our perceptions of others

nothing better to do with your time other than send eight
replies which say the same thing and are misspelled?

and i'm boring.


anyways. so last night i went to a frat party here.
pretty drab. it was more fun dressing up for it than going
and being there. lol sara! but we went and stayed for
probably almost an hour. then we came back. sara and d.j.
took the long way! actually i think they were
going to go to his frat house but then decided they didn't
want to. so they came back here and we had a good time.
until a certain someone called the dorm room and...yeah.
but oh well it was cool. pretty fun. i looked "damn sexy"
according to sara and she was one "hot mama". lol!

oh today i went to the training session for mentoring high
risk kids. it's going to be great. i can't wait! and
everybody there is really cool too.

k well i'm out.

final thought: our perceptions of others are insights into
our perceptions of ourselves.