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2001-09-19 03:26:09 (UTC)

If you want to know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss!

That's exactly where it's at an boy do I love that kiss. :)
Let's see, do I have anything interesting to write? Well,
school pretty much sucked. Things are so boring there
lately. I think I need to find something to spice school up
for me and get a little more extra help in math so I'm
completely caught up and understand what is going on. Mrs.
Louden offered to help me during seminars and so forth. And
pretty soon One-Acts should be having auditions and regular
rehearsals for those are right around the corner. I'm just
dying to hop on it and get involved in theatre again. I
miss it way too much for my own good.

Paul called me today around 3:30pm and was like, "Hey!
What's up, hon?" I told him I was just hanging around the
house and asked what he was doing. He's like, "Well, I'm
just sitting at home." My mind's like going, "WHAT?! YOU'RE
HOME?!" My mouth just kinda said, "Mrph?" *lol* He asked if
he could come over and of course I said YES! So we got to
spend a few hours together today which really made me
happy. It was like perfect until we were on the couch
kissing... then he unbuttoned my pants and had just slid
his hand in when the door of the kitchen bursts open and my
mom is home. We sprang apart and I was ready to kill
because I wanted him so badly. He says to just think of it
as a way to make Thursday so much sweeter. *laugh* God, can
I manage it?! I hope so. I swear that I'll go berserk if I
start my period before Sunday. *lol* I don't give a fuck if
I start on Sunday, just as long as I'm not on during the
time he's here. Teehee! That would be terrible... I'd be so

I told Cat about Jeremey tonight. She's taking it rather
hard which is to be expected. Jeremey doesn't know that she
knows though. Yikes. Perhaps it wasn't my place to tell her
but she's my best friend and if I knew, then I'm going to
clue her in before she gets even more hurt. I really think
she's going to stay with him though even after his cheating
on her. ARG! I hate it. Cheating is pointless, I say. If
you aren't happy with the person so you cheat on them, well
break up with them before it gets to that point or when it
gets to that point because no one is forcing you two to be
together. *sigh*

Well, I'm going to try to limit my computer time starting
tomorrow because I'm spending way too much time on here. I
think I'm going to go to 2 hours a day. Do you think I can
do it? I think so... I'll just stop going to a lot of
stupid sites, etc. Wish me luck!

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