The void
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2003-02-01 21:45:50 (UTC)

big homo

i'm just one big homo sometimes!man, willow from buffy is
ffiiinnneee. and maz sent me a maxim picture of the tatu
girls! i mean pphhwwooaarr! so what if they are lying about
being lesbians they have an excuse, they are damn hot!
oh right anyway,it seems i am no longer speaking to my ex
boyfriend.every time i spoke to him i had this reoccuring
sense of deja vu.propbaly because we kept having the same
fucking row every time!so in the end i said to him:
" if i didn't need the internet for college work i'd rip
the fucking thing out of the wall at lest then i wouldn't
have to row with you 24/7.goodbye"
harsh but oh well,bad things happen to the best of us and
in the end the best thing (and only thing) to do is GET
so...the past few days.things at college have been good.
iv'e been talking to more of the people down the alley and
trying to make new friends.been going well.ben and andy
from philosophy have been nice too. me and sam went to
mirage cafe with them the other day.funny guys but in no
way shape or form, are they boyfriend material.eurgh.
been getting more and more attracted to tom and some girls
from down the alley too.on thursday a really pretty girl
asked me if i had any ciggarettes. i said no, and then she
asked my name,i was so shocked that she was talking to me i
didn't think of listening to her when she said her name!
dammit.haven't seen anna recently. starting to wonder where
she's got to.
well richard and fruit girl from sociology are getting more
and more strange by the minute they are talking
about oranges and the next they are having an in depth
discussion about lesbian sex!the mind seriously seriously
i was talking to an asian girl from college. she saw my
pentacle necklace and asked if i was wiccan. i said yes and
then she said that she'd been reading about it for a i'm not alone in this after all (skye has decided
to extchange wicca for buddhisim)
iv'e just been making herb sacks.full of
ginger,lemongrass,and other herbs and spices,just for basic
improvement in life.i cleansed and consecrated them and
then said a chant that i made up:

herbs of magickal powers that be
use all of your power and grant for me
everything that you can possibly do
to improve my life though and through.

bit pants but hey i think it just might work!
i really do need to break out of this silly smoking thing.i
am not addicted i just smoke when i want to smoke really
and it's not doing me any it's draining me of all
essential money!
me and evil noodle might meet up in camden in a couple of
weeks. i need to get myself another top and some more hair
dye.he needs to find out if he's going first.
think it's time to admit iv'e been pushing my emotions to
one side so i dont have to deal with some ways this
could be a good thing because if i don't think about things
it means i'm happier but in other ways it's bad because the
problems are still there in the longrun.i'm pissing myself
off here because i have to keep going back and correcting
my typing mistakes!arggghhhh i'm going before i put my fist
through the screen!