The crazy world of me
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2003-02-01 21:24:17 (UTC)

People just don't understand

What is up my peoples? Yeah so last night Joni and I got
in this argument because she sits there and lets people
walk all over her all the time. So I told her that and she
got all mad and was like you have no room to talk you let
Ricky walk all over you.
She was like he has no respectfor you what so ever and he just come
to you because he knows that you'll give it up and all this other
crap. I will agree with her sometimes he might do that but the
majority of the time its me starting stuff with him. I
mean he has NEVER made me or asked me to do anything. I
have done everything on my own. For instance Joni don't
know but the first time I screwed him was definitely my
choice. It was a really weird night because we were
screwing around and almost went all the way then I like
freaked out because I wasn't sure I wanted to so then we
sat in my basement for like a hour and then I brought him
back into my room and was like yeah.
I am not the kind of person that just lets people walk all over me
all the time. I don't know I guess though no matter how much I
argue with her she is not going to believe me. She thinks
that she knows everything that is going on between the two
of us but she don't. If she did maybe she would understand
my thinking but she don't and no matter what she is going
to think I am dumb for still messing with the kid. Maybe
she will underdstand some day but who knows.
Oh then she told me that I have changed since I started hanging out
with him. I don't think I have and that just bothers me that she
would say that because I don't and won't change myself for anyone.
If they don't like me the way that I am then thats their fault not
mine. So I asked Aaron if I have changed and they both said no and
Aaron and Lakin probably know me better than anyone I know. My mom
told me I haven't changed any either. Maybe its because I have been
not really wanting to go drive around and act dumb because that sutff
gets old after so long. You can only do things so many times until
it gets dumb you know. This is all so much longer and I could
probably go on for hours but there is some other things I want to do
so I am going to go I guess. Bye

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