The Sexy Blonde
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2001-09-19 03:07:18 (UTC)

Tuesday 9-18-01

Hey Readers,

I am doing great today, 1st through 5th period were
great today until I was dieing to talk to my
counselor/therepist(mispelled) I had to tell her about
Sunday night, it was killing me and I didn't exactly share
the news with friends.

Anyway's lunch was okay, I sat out side with my best
bud, Vanessa, and bitched at her about how she is messing
up her life with drugs, and thinking she is pregnant, and
she just tried some acid the week before, and she thinks
the guy will take care of it! Even though she is going out
with someboy at my school, and just fucked some other guy
at school. I don't understand her sometimes, but I love her
and she is my bestfriend.

I am real excited to start campaigning to run for
Duchess in my school. I am going to start putting up
posters and pictures of me everywhere!! With bright
floresant background tagboard, and glitter to make it

Anyways, I am doing okay, I can't wait for my car to be
fixed so that I can drive back and fourth to school instead
of catching rides form my nasty neighbors and such...

Well I will write tomorrow, I promised my boyfriend
I would call him back in 15 minutes so I could take a
shower, but I got online instead, and I still need a

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