ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-02-01 20:48:17 (UTC)

Just a day life is waaay too boring. i need to get over
barret. and i need to get this stupid cyst in my wrist
removed. damn little bugger. at least it got me out of
playing in piano class this week..hehe. oh i
don't have an excuse not to play cuz i got an actual wrist

tonight's the valentine's dance. don't think i'm gonna go.
dances just aren't my thing. dunno why. i still like
barret. i can't believe i spilled my guts to him after i
found out i didn't make all state. that was so depressing.
and he prolly thinks i'm a freak now. but that's ok cuz he
can bite me for all i care. i don't know why i sitll like
him.....gaaaahhhhh!!!!!! i know he doesn't like me at all.
why is it that i can keep a crush for years but only keep
an actual relationship for only a few weeks or so??? being
a hopeless romanitic sucks bigtime. and then i have to
live w/ the guy i like. great. fate must really hate me.

went to the gym yesterday w/ margaret. it was good. and
then i woke up this morning all sore from the 5 miles i
ran/biked. we're going back at 5 today. just trying to
lose some weight before prom...

ugh one's gonna ask me and i'm gonna feel like
a loser cuz i'm gonna have to leave the room every time
some sappy song comes on. this is gonna suck. and i'm
decorating the buses. great. i wonder if my dress will fit least spring break's before prom.
i want to go to prom w/ barret. but he's prolly
already asked someone. and that someone isn't me. nate's
not going to prom most likely. david's prolly gonna ask
maggie. eh..i might as well not go. not worth the trouble.
jonathan's going w/ kris. not gonna ask anyone from home.
itz too far for just one night. :(