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2003-02-01 20:29:29 (UTC)

february 1, 2003


so i am starting an online diary for everyone to see, and
i am kinda excited about it. i know that there will most
likely be no one to read it, but just the idea that i am
writing about what is going on w/ me on a daily basis is
exciting to me. the girls in my townhouse (5B) will be
glad, maybe they will not have to hear my mouth all the
time! hehe

i am getting ready for my cousin's wedding reception which
i am very much looking forward to. my sister's new puppy
is pulling on my feet, and is very cute... i'll have to
remember to get myself a puppy when i get my own apartment
on my own one day.. it should make me very happy :)

i cannot say how much fun this will be for me... and maybe
for u too!