my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-02-01 20:23:07 (UTC)

ughhh why dose every one have family but me?

[time:3:11pm(hey thats a good band)...All i do is cry and
you dont even see it]

ok i went to the basketball game last night and we lost
by like 20 points i think i dont really know i wasent
paying much attention... my mind was on "someone".... and
yeah...... then me and maria went back to her house and we
were getting ready to watch a movie and jenna and courtney
called us and we went out around lie 12am with then we
drove to nassua b/c we though it would be funny. and it
was we went to chadwick and we were spying and we think
jay and joleen got kicked out of there apt... hahah that
is funny! sucks to be you.... fucking crack heads.... then
we droped jenna off cuz she had to be home at 12:30. then
the 3 or us went to dunkin doughnuts in lathem. and there
were these flaming gay kids there and they though they
were kewl but ya know what they wern't. but they were
driving a porche so it was all good. a yellow one!
haha.... then we sat there and talked for a while...i
really miss all of us hanging out. we were like a litte
clan. it isnt the same with out of of us being there. then
we went back to marias and court left. and me and maria
were exausted and we went to bed and slept till like 1
this afternoon. we both really needed it. oh man!!! and
yeah i am home for the rest of the night alone b/c my mom
and mark are going out to eat and to a movie. ughhh i hate
it i just want to be..... be something but ignored. i
fucking hate it. ok well i gotta go clean so.... im out.
oh and i am going to the party on the ice to night
listing to:107.7
[time:5:43pmPlaying with your self?]
im watching scooby doo and being bored. i guess kayla and mike broke
up. boo hoo!!! i knew it was gonna happen that kis just needs to
admit his sexuality. i dont care what any one says. i have my
reasons for knowin this stuff. ok but what ever i am gonna go get in
the shower and get ready. matt lilard is fucking hott!!!!!!

are ya playing with my head?
cuz it is making me sad
one day we are happy
the next day were mad
your playin with my head.
just tell me what you want
all i want is you in my bed
to hug and hold so tight
some one to warm my lonley night
some bitchs messing with your fucking mind
all she wants is you body she doesnt see whats inside
all you want is some one to be there
and to not fuck around and get all up in your hair
well im that girl weather you see it or not
i will be there for you
its all a matter of will or not!

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