Sarah's Journal
2001-09-19 02:45:09 (UTC)


So, the guy whose website I randomly found
(http://www.engr.orst.edu/~gustafad/ - go to it!) . . . I
spent like a half hour there while I should have been
studying. He put me in his journal. Does anyone know
where Oregon is? I do, it's like REALLY far away. that
I've got a test tomorrow in anthro. . . I have to go study
now . . . blah. Oh, Ryan wrote me back and that makes me
happy cuz I don't feel like an idiot. (If you don't know
what I'm talking about, ask and I'll tell) My hair STILL
sucks. I ate a hamburger tonite at Rockne's. Missy kept
asking me to eat plastic??? yeah . . . So, I need to be
done studying by 11:30 so Nick and I can have a relaxation
party (we both have a test tomorrow) . . . btw, do college
professors have meetings or something where they all get
together and decided to have all the tests and shit within
the same week????? Yeah - History stuff was technically
due today (didn't have it done, glad she didn't
check . . . ), my anthro test is tomorrow, my rock & roll
test is thursday, and my history stuff needs to be done by
thursday too, and friday is my math test . . . grrrr . . .
ok, no more procrastination, Sarah!!! It's time to study.
Elton John's Greatest Hits vol.1 will be playing . . . I
love that . . . so long, ttyl!!