2001-09-19 02:39:02 (UTC)

Higuya Hime

Sitting in math class, listening to Mr. Renken talk about
bisecting line segments. He calls us "You People". You
People need to work harder. You People need to get serious
about school. I never look forward to 6th period. 1:05 to
1:55. Nothing matters from then to then. School.. 7:30 to
2:55. Nothing matters from then to then, either. Stacey.
That dip. Ms. Beautiful. Ms. My Boyfriend Is a Senior.
Ms. Tommy. American Eagle. Ambercrombie. But I see her
working on homework in class. See her trying. Filling out
that stupid assignment sheet. And I think that maybe there
is something there. Then I remember WordProcessingI class
last year. And I remember - there is nothing there.

Tibi gratias ago. Vale.