champagne supernova
2003-02-01 20:07:23 (UTC)

"its just a noisy hall where theres a nightly brawl"-chicgo

AND ALL THAT JAZZ! i love chicago! i hve ben listenin to
the soundtrack for days now..and i went and saw it again
yesterday it was so great!! so... i thought the title of my
entry quite well describedwinter formal last nire...well
considering there was no fight.. but i was noisy! was
fun. i mean we were last nite so we missed dinner., but
judging by what was on franks plate it wasnt all that
good ..well the dessert was since dano stole a hole
freaking cheese cake from the dessert table. lol...and our
group picture was soo funny! there were likea million
people in it! myself, francise. angela, mark, dano, grace,
austin.and emily. it was funny casue mark woulk not shutup
when we were taking it! " oh someones touching my a-..oh
wait..thats my hand! hehe!"
it was so great .. but i mean .. it ws fun, but it could
have been much better. its not worth the price ..and thats
for sure. but they give u all these little
memorabelias..picture rames with engravements on it.. litle
books..all his stuff it was nice of them to spend momey on
those little things for us. but i owe a BIG FAT THANK U
TO "MARCUS" u mde me feel so much better lst
nite! ..they started laying the last slow song ad i was
depressing, casue all the couples are all over each
other ... and i dot have my love to dance withme so it was
sad..and i was going angela grabs me and is
like no.u get ur butt on the dance floor with me rightnow
so i went..and we were dancing..and mark comesto cut ina
and starts dacing with both of us and singing the song a
the top of his ungs.and sooo off key!!! (kely clarkson's -
a moment like this-"..everyone aroud us started
laughing ..everyone cold freakin hear him ..I LOvED for the memories ya'll...

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