random scribbles
2003-02-01 19:13:18 (UTC)


i was just listening to we never change and i had the most
intense rush of memories from last winter... newcastle
and cambridge and all the worries and hopes and excitement
that was tied up with that... i recalled so clearly
walking from clare to the train station through the market
square and looking at all the christmas trees through
my tears and thinking that it had been a long time since
i'd seen something that beautiful, and then the train
journey home, and i love being on trains because there
is such a sense of being in between and it gives you the
chance to think things through and i was feeling sort of
relieved but nervous at the same time and i was thinking
about jacob and rich and everything to do with them and...
with that all flooding back, i felt such a sense of loss,
because that seems like such a long time ago now and i miss
that time. although things were so much more complicated,
they were a whole lot simpler, too.