lillian jeanne
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2003-02-01 19:07:16 (UTC)

big smiles

lillian, youre not going to believe this one!!! i had my
RA interview today, a little nerve wrecking but i think i
did ok... im a littel nervous to see if i made it to the
next round on wed but i hope i did... im really nervous.
but i came back from the interview to find a note from
ralph saying his car wouldnt start and so he had to take
the train home. there was a card and a box there too and
i opened hte card and it was really sweet then the box had
a gold and silver diamond flower kinda thing ring! its
beautiful!!! so allison came in ad then said that we had
to go show monkey but i was like, i have to call ralph
first so we're walking down the hallway with me on the
phone and alli opened the door to their room and he's
sitting on their floor! it took a min to click then i
screamed and threw the phone!! it was insane! i started
laughing and crying all in one! he jsut held me and htey
scampered out... it was perfect - i couldnt ask for
more. he said its a valentine's /anniversary present! im
crazed!!! he's insane! it had to be expensive! its from
one of those really nice jewerly stores in the mall too!
im in love! really really in love! today is good, very
good... i really wanna take a nap so maybe i will but
otherwise, ill write later.
love gracie

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