Linux Diary
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2003-02-01 19:02:34 (UTC)

Using locate

I keep getting a 'your database is over 8 days old' message
when trying to use 'locate/slocate' at the terminal.

(locate/slocate = does the same job as 'find' in your file
manager, just a hell of a lot quicker.)

Apparently theres a 'cron' job that automates updates to the
database, but as i dont leave my PC on 24hrs a day ,
(although running Linux tempts you to do so as its so darn
stable), i think my machine is off when the cron job would
usually be active.

To update the slocate database manually. Type 'su' at
terminal to become 'root' and type 'updatedb'

A little while later its finished and its goodbye '8 days
old..' message!!! :D



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