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A Place For My Head
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2001-09-19 02:13:02 (UTC)


ok... again, long time i havent written.
i forgot to tell ya what happened on friday at the party. i
kissed Claudio! it was so amazing! actually it wasnt a love
exhibition... we were playing spin the bottle, but the
point it that i kissed him, i kissed Jose Eduardo, Ruben,
Marco and Claudio. it was sooooo cool, then we played
closet, and i got to go to the closet with Claudio, we even
chewed the same bubblegum! i know... it sounds grosse, but,
for me, it was just amazing.
in the middle of the process of forgetting Claudio, i fell
for another one... i just can't go on like this! he's so
cute, and so funny... and so... him...
today my mum came to pick me up at school, and then
suddenly i saw in the car infront of mine, someone with
messy hair and i said to myself "it's him!" (the lad that i
fell for) and i was like "mum... go faster, i think it's
him" and i told her his last name to check out if it was
really him, and it was, and i saw him! i was about to pass
out! he has such a cute name, such a cute smile, such a
cute face... so funny...
well, i have to go to sleep, coz i gotta get up early
tomorrow, so i dont fall asleep as i did today!
i have a party on friday! cant wait!
or... as Daniela would say ALSRPSA (my "initials")