The confusing epic of muh life
2003-02-01 18:41:36 (UTC)

weekend frum hell

omg this weekend was supposed2 be the best ever and now it
sux ass lets c muh parenst were supposed2 go 2 vegas
leaving meh and muh sis here and muh sis was gunna cart meh
around take emh places and we were gunna have junk food and
stuff but then mom gets sic so parenst stay home and its
not the same then last nitefriday nite i was supposed 2 go
2 kristens all i wanted 2 dowas watch the brave lil toaster
vedge and then go hom but then shes like lets go 2 the
movies w/ all these people frum skool taht i dont like
which is dumb so im like nooooobut she convinces meh we
should go and i had already beeen playing w/ muh hair
earlyier so that was ok all i had 2 do was fgind sumfin 2
wear and touch up muh make up so shes out 2 dinner telling
meh yea get ready next dilema o muh parenst cant take home
but they can take so im like humm ill c muh mom and dad
went 2 the art opening thing and muh sis was getting redi
so shes like lauren we always pic up get sum 1 else 2 and i
can take so i ask kristen its a definate no her parenst r
hgoung out 2 and her bro is out w/ g/f so i tell katyln
bout it shes like sure muh mom can take hoime and even pick
up so im like perfect so i call bac kristen juz as muh sis
she cancles her plans so she can take and then o kristen
gets fucking grounded so she cant go so meh and katlyn say
o we will juz go and meet up w/ peepsso im like cool then
we start talking and its like 740 and the movie starts @
810 so by the time we get tehre no seats no time to mingle
and we would be cutting it close w/ curfew b cuz now the
cops r all over the movies so we r like we will go monday
since we have it off and kristen can go monday and muh
friend sam frum skool wanted 2 go monday so we r making
abgroup ne ways i ended up staying home talking 2 matt
after his dance was over till like 1130 or 12 wen his
firneds were over and he was @ the movies ...who knos... ne
wayz oand i watched joy ride i was like 2 marra will be
betteer b cuz i was supposed 2 go 2 the mall w/ sam and
nikki and meet up w/ this other sam sam h then i have a
party @ 5 ne ways so i call sam at like 1100and im like ok
wen r we going shes like well ill call bac muh dad juz
calledso im like sure w/e then i call bac and shes like
well muh mom isnt here b cuz muh bro had 2 go 2 the doctors
and kylee cant egt picked up till later and britt and lindz
rnt raedy yet and neither am i so im like wtf sam and shes
like well cant we go monday and im like sam i aleay made
plans uhhhg shes thinks only about herself i ahte it then
i2 was trying 2 tell her bout matt and how i kinda like him
and shit and shes like o i g2g im like uhhhg w/e and hung
up so now im ditched again w/ no whre 2 go until 5 and im
pretty sure sumfin will go wrong there 2 and then i will
never get outta muh house ima hurt sam b uz u no wut i
expect this shit frum kristen b cuz thats how she is but i
thoguht this shit w/ sam would stop after i wrote her that
letter and talked 2 her its happening all over again every
1 b 4 meh