The Sexy Blonde
2003-02-01 18:37:29 (UTC)

Sex Again

Well, last night we got to the house, I stayed up and watch
television while Jose looked up something on the computer
for church. Then I fell asleep on the floor, he picked me
up and put me on the bed, we went to bed. Then we had sex
again, but I got into it and we had to slow down to not
wake anybody in the house. Then we got up this morning and
we had to move the caprice, cougar, white car, eggy, and
van out of the drive way and put them in a diff order
because they took the new car and the cougar to the shop to
wash them. So I helped with that we ate breakfest and I am
here on the computer watching Freddy pull apar the dvd
player, because we were watching What When Want, because he
had never seen before. Well Jose is at work, I'm here at
the house. I got to go.
Have a great day!
God Bless You!