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2003-02-01 18:27:30 (UTC)


ok well today, I'm going to go to the movies to see Lord of
the Rings... the only reason why I'm seein it, is cuz it's
3 hours long, and it gives me alot of time to spend with
dennis. See the thing is, dennis goes to a different school
than me, and he lives about 30 min. away from me. So i
can't see him that much. I usually see him like once a
week. which sux. Cuz I love it when I'm with him. I talked
to him about everything that has been goin on, and I told
him how I feel, about him and shannon. and he basically
told me that I have nothing to worry about, because she
doesn't even compare to me. and that made me feel so much
better. cuz i talked to him for about 2 hours last nite.
and we just had a really good convo. So i'm really excited
to see him today. I'm havin alot of trouble, because I'm
15, and my parents are christians, and i can't date until
I'm 16. and they don't know i'm dateing dennis. and it's
really hard keeping it a secret. but we've been goin out
for like a month so far. and they haven't found out. But I
just hope they ease up

: : Kelly : :