bitch-it's a compliment
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2001-09-19 01:56:31 (UTC)

There are many fish in the sea

So I haven't been able to write for awile seeings how I 've
been busy with work and it makes me tired so I sleep.
School's alright. I had a stupid day today. Thats what I
call it when you know you can to something and it just
don't seem to comprehend that day. Stupid day. Yesterday
I was walking along, and I was blessed by a bird. How
he/she could've chosen me to poop on. It was all warm and
gooey. I laughed so hard and my friends laughed hard with
me. It was the most exiting day! Last night I met one of
my friends at the park and we got real close, probably more
than most "friends" do. Well it was the same guy that I
was talking about that I said I liked and he's shy-him.
Well alls we did was made out but it was so beautiful!
Rolling around in the leaves kissing each other and
laughing. Like from a movie. I think kissing is more
intimate than sex. Let me explain myself. See with
kissing you can feel all these emotions running through
your body and it's so powerful. With sex, its beautiful
too, but people have taken advantage of what it's worth and
it's not so great anymore. Plus sex gets compared more
than kissing does. I don't know, I don't like kissing
anyone I don't have strong feelings for, don't get me wrong
sex is great but not as great as a glorious as a sweet
kiss! Yeah anyways, seeings how we made sweet love with
our lips I hope something happens there. But if it nothing
happens I gotta know that there are so many fish in the
sea. I hate it because theres that something there thats
just so attracting. I love the vibe that he gives me. Its
so awedaciuos! Well I must go for now. My love life is a
distaster. Maybe I'm not meant to have one. Ta Ta
song-ride wit me

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