All in the Night
2001-09-19 01:53:45 (UTC)

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Wow, i am soo bored! I just got home from work like 30
minutes ago and there'sjust nothign to do and i'm not
sleepy so i cant' fall asleep. Oh what am i to do??? Let
me see, today was a pretty good day. I overslept, but
that's ok b/c i've decided that i dont if i look rough or
not b/c if people like me, it's going to be b/c they like
me, not how i look or whatever. OK but yeah, school was
pretty boring. Fourth period was pretty good, we really
didnt have to play or anything and a lot of my frienda re
in the clas so.... oh yeah third wasn't too bad either,
except for the fact that Tabatha is a CHAIN SMOKER. Agh, i
can't stand to breathe in smoke. But we all went out and
took pucites for the annua, such fun (yay-rah). It's been
a pretty boring day other than that. Andrew keeps asking
me what Sarah and i were talkign about, and what Matt and i
were tlakign abotu.....It's nothing bad...although matt
keeps telling him it is!!!!! Lol Andrew is so
adorable...wait let me rephrase. Andrew is hot. But i'm
tired of typing and my life is boring so i dont' have
anything left to type abotu so i'm gonna quit now. OH
yeah, Andre, I'm really not going to castrate you with a
dull rusty spoon next time i see you, althoug it would be
fun ;) OK I'm out

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