what happened?
2001-09-19 01:40:21 (UTC)

Change of Hearts

Well, after the catastrophy of Tuesday I began to look at
life and the world very different. Not only does it make
me feel a bit unsecure in my own home, but it also made me
think of my future. I've always been a heavy animal
person. Infact, I look like that type of person you'de
fine on the Nature show. However, living inside of me is a
new type of person. Within me I see something more like
politics. Within me I see like international relationships
of government. I really like that kind of stuff. I've
confirmed with myself that I wanted to do that today at
1030am and I told my family and friends about it. I really
do feel a sense of duty within in me to bring out what I
like most. Of course, then there's always that saying that
I'm way too young to actually choose anything. However,
I've made a choice and although I won't know where I'll end
up with it I'm certain that it will not deal with life
sciences anymore. I'm quite certain of it. I don't know
if I'll become an ambassodor one day or some diplomat in
some great country, but I know I won't be a mammalogist. I
just hope that my decision will fit well and continue to
proceed with speed. Time is precious and I can't afford to
waste time.