Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-01 16:52:39 (UTC)

Songie to my guardien angel

They say I latched onto you
Like you was the last train leaving town
But you just kept on moving, boy
Left me here to live you down
Momma said she'd send a wire
And cried on the phone
Said, you'll always be my angel girl
Won't you come back home

So I got a job as a waitress
In some God forsaken place
Guess there's no choosing where you land
When you fall from grace
Well, I'm not sure what keeps me here
My shame or my fool pride
Well, neither one can give me wings
Or offer me a ride

Well, if I was an angel I could fly over Jordan
And I wouldn't need no Greyhound to save my soul
But maybe that's a good thing 'cause I'll be home before I
And if I was an angel I'd have a long way to go

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