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2003-02-01 15:55:58 (UTC)

This week

Well this had been the one of the worse weeks I ever had. I
felt that after last week being all good and stuff, this
week had been such a bad one. The beginning of the week was
ok, I was just recovering from last one and boy that was
excellent ^_^. Then I found that my mood had suddenly
shifted. I've been a real bitch this week and I seriously
don't know why. Maybe its that time of them month (jk ^_^),
but now I feel really bad. I think the way I acted has been
totally unfair to people esp Brinks. Hes been really down
and if you're reading, I am so sorry. If I was a real
friend I shouldn't have to make the way he feels even
worse, I'm just don't know how to help him, sorry...
Yesterday I went to my grandmothers and it was ok, Chinese
new year dinner, didn't eat much but it was ok. I got home
around 6pm went online and was really not myself. I slept
around 8pm that night.
I went to the gym today and boy my routine was totally
messed. I did all the wrong exercise at the wrong time, my
plan was all wrong, I just felt that I did everything in
the wrong order. This is probably one of those things you
experience if you have a really good week and then have a
shitty one.
Tomorrow I'm going to go uptown taking my cousin Christina
(the one who had a birthday recently, don't be lazy read
the whole thing ^_^) out and really having a good time.
Hopefully I'll stop being a bitch and really become myself
once again. I'm not usually like this i don't know how I
even felt like this in the first place. Maybe I've been
thinking too much into this, well at least tomorrow I'm
sure to have a good time with my cousin. Should be fun so
it may do me alot of good. Laters ^_^