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2003-02-01 15:55:52 (UTC)

Long time no talkin here

sorry i havn't been writing in this thing, lotz of shit
has been going around for me and it's kinda been tough.
Deeg, ur case is alil different. I personally think u
should be friends with Amanda and be like really REALLY
good friends with adam. Because adam might dump u again
but like then amanda will turn on u and get all pissed but
i don't really get how she would get madd at u for going
out with adam cuz she's going out wit some other guy but
hey whatever, I want u to do what u wanna do. If u hate
amanda go out with adam. Nin, girly sorry i havn't been
tellin u shit about these lasts months but sometimes u get
me really pissed like "oh u can't love david becuze u said
that to all the other guys u went out with." "what why
don't u go out with every other guy like the 20 others" ya
u said all that shit, and trust me i still remember and
that's why idon't tell u shit cuz u always make fun of me
and shit and that's why ry mitch deeg and me had that
sleep over without u cuz u have done so much shit to us we
just wanted u to get the feel on how we felt when u
treated us like shit. I love ya girly. Mitch mitch mitch.
lol so much to say about u girly, i know u won't be able
to read this but hey who gives a shit rite. lol The other
day on the bus with the gum. lol that was so fukin funny i
was just about laughin mah ass off and the thing with
catlin and ashley in the front seat. omg i was just like
crackin up all that time i was under the coats laughin mah
ass off. Good times guy good times. Ryan~ mah favorite guy
friend, well yea. lol u make me laugh when i'm down and
make fun of everybody witch is pretty funny.
Walshy walsh u made me laugh so hard last nite with that
thing u were talkin to her about. lol lmao well i think
this is enough shit for this day. LOVE YA ALL. well
scratch that i hate u all. lol

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