"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-19 01:25:07 (UTC)

my bad ending day

Everyhting was fine I had a good day in all my periods 1-3.
then in 4th Jennifer would not leave me alone but good
thing I got Tiffani there. She is pretending to be with me
so Jennifer will leave me alone. Its kool but today
Jennifer said can I have him for a day that made me kind of
mad it is hard to push my button but it can be pushed. When
she said that I was thinking I am not a dog you cant just
take me for a day and give me back. So Tiffani was there
and she said that if Jennifer did not leave me alone her
and Jennifer would brawl. I liked that because she left me
alone for a while. Then she was back and started messing
with my hat and hair. That girl need to quit playin so
much. the reason my day ended out bad is that something
happened to my brothers computer and she plugged it in the
phone jack and it cut my internet off while I was writing
this earlier and it cleared it all I had a whole lot writen
to but oh well I guess I am going to go. #3