~~Eirry Berry~~
2003-02-01 15:07:43 (UTC)

Prom Shopping and "The Face"

January 31

Today Carissa and I went prom dress shopping. Josh
came with us, that poor boy. It really wasn't that bad, I
think we only tried on about 7 dresses each. Not too
bad. Then we went into Victoria Secret (Josh refused to
come in with us) to find "clicky bras" but we couldn't
find any. Back to the dress shopping, I found a really
pretty blue poofy dress but Josh didn't make the face so
it's not the one. All it got was, "That's pretty". I
told him that it wasn't good because he didn't make "the
face" and he's all like "what's the face". He is very
concerned about making the face. I tried to tell him not
to worry because when I found the dress he would make the
face and not even know it. I think that I am not going to
take him with me anymore, when (if, I haven't asked him
yet, I need to see how it goes) we go to prom he can see
it then for the first time.