My Little World
2003-02-01 14:18:23 (UTC)


Lauren, you know what the title means!! walking on more
snowflakes! Lauren said once in her diary that she
expresses how she feels on the inside....We'll try that
today! This is how i am feeling right now.... Wow! last
night was sooo great! I went to youth group and got to see
Allen! and we had a great night! my insides are just like
twisting and turning! (a good twisting and turning) I've
never met a guy like allen before. You know? when im with
allen, i feel my best.... i feel like i dont have to live
up to anyone standards....there's just me and allen. and i
love it when he holds.... i feel so safe and warm when he
holds me. Do you remember when you were little and you had
a bad day and your mum would just hold you and make it all
better? that's how i feel when im with him. well, that's
how i feel right now....thanks for listening to me!

Mood: lighthearted and Lovely
Music: Joy Williams

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