freeze time to blossom eternally through
2001-09-19 00:59:15 (UTC)


today there is a reservation at the olive garden for a
party of 9. you know why? bc i took it yesterday when i
was at work. not that you care of course. work was cool.
i didnt do much but take names at the door. im kinda
pissed bc i started my period so my face is all broken

i had lunch with david. i met his sister. im not sure
what i think of him. hes a nice guy. he doesnt wear
cologne. that really bothered me for some reason. maybe
bc i pride myself in how good i smell. he also had bad
breath. i didnt have much to say bc i go sooooo stoned
right before i hung out with him. i was with lisa and we
had to go pick up laras kid, brooke. lara looked so good
today. she works at a hospital and she was in these blue
scrubs. i know thats weird but she looked so good. last
night lisa, her cousin ricky and i went to the top of this
mountain and got stoned. it was cool. until we heard
coyotes and got scared. we then went to our friends
house. there was this girl from our high school there. i
saw her at the OG about 3 weeks ago. she was totally
rude. so i wasnt so thrilled to hang out with her. but it
ended up being cool. we just sat around and munched on the
little food that was there.

im still waiting for my parents to decide if they are going
to let me go to texas. i mean its in 2 days. im supposed
to leave thursday morning. i actually called the people
today and got my flight shit all changed bc my original
flight had been canceled. its all good though. im hoping
they let me go. i really want to see joan. i need to just
get away. my last vacation wasnt really a vacation, so
this will be nice if i get to go. my cats trying to sleep
in my lap right now. but hes way too big. hes so attached
to me...and im so attached to him. im going to miss him so
much if i do get to go. maybe i should take him...yeah
right. well im going to take a nap bc im supposed to go
running with lisa. we made up a diet. im sure we wont
stick to it though. BLINK 182 TOMORROW!!!!